Armadillo ideas

Kodak preschool is a preschool that I made up and Josephine and James go to it and they actually learn! I started a program called ABC learning and we do it in alphabetical order. Right now we are learning about animals and the animals are in alphabetical order and so right now we are studying Armadillos in Kodak preschool! So here are some ideas if you are studying Armadillos. Try making your own worksheets they don't really have Armadillo Worksheets online. Depending on the age and what your child is comfortable with, you can do nearly anything! Here is a list that I made that tells what age can do things:                                                        

1-2 Color a picture or read a simple fiction book, go see an armadillo
3-4  Do a little presentation, read a book , go to see a armadillo ( if local), Trace the letters armadillo, do an armadillo code

5-6 Do a bigger presentation, read a larger level book, go see an armadillo, do an armadillo code

7-8 Do a full sized presentation, read an armadillo chapter book, go see an armadillo, do an armadillo code

Well, that's all I have to say. Bye!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Trading things

Would you like to to trade any thing with someone? Would you do it? I think it is amzing how you can do it.


Me and my "almost" brother Thomas

My "almost brother Thomas is very big. He likes to kick in my moms belly. My aunt calls her preggers.We are giving away our things to make room for him. Mom goes to see Dr.Brickler.



The Together Girls Club!

  • YEA! GOOD!  CATE! YES! I love CATE!  She is my best friend. @ Cate:  hugs for you, Cate.


I love Lucy

I LOVE LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I havebeen  singing Lucy bucy wucy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Josephine says that it is good.                                                       BY CHARLOTTE                                                                                                                       


My workbooks

I love workbooks! They are fun!   When i am bored i use them.

Do you like workbooks?      yes           no
oh! this is Charlotte and i am a kid.   

thank you!?!?     



please help Joplin Missouri!

Dear friends, we need a lot of help.  

People will need beds and clothes and food.  If you give us money, me and my mom will donate it, or you can donate money.

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