The Together Girls Club!

  • YEA! GOOD!  CATE! YES! I love CATE!  She is my best friend. @ Cate:  hugs for you, Cate.


I love Lucy

I LOVE LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I havebeen  singing Lucy bucy wucy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Josephine says that it is good.                                                       BY CHARLOTTE                                                                                                                       


My workbooks

I love workbooks! They are fun!   When i am bored i use them.

Do you like workbooks?      yes           no
oh! this is Charlotte and i am a kid.   

thank you!?!?     



please help Joplin Missouri!

Dear friends, we need a lot of help.  

People will need beds and clothes and food.  If you give us money, me and my mom will donate it, or you can donate money.

Thank you


I love my nana!

 My nana is coming today!  I love her so so much.   She is the best!
We are going to play together. I can't wait to see her.

We have not seen her in a long time.


The quotes

I  love  quotes  they  are  wondeful!

  1. I've  learned  that  home  is  the  place  where  we  grumble  the  most  and  are  loved  the  best.  age 89 
  2. I've  learned  that  I  shouldn't  get  out  of  the  shower  to  answer  the  phone.  It  will  stop  ringing  the  minute  I  get  to  it.


My quotes

Here  are  my  quotes:

  1. Nature  is  used  in  every  way.
  2. Enjoy  the  day  that  you  have left.
  3. Eat  what  you  can  every  day.
  4. Soup  is  delicious!
  5. Love  every  one  that  you  know  is  nice  and  bad.
This  is a quote  I  chose:

A coward is much more exposed to quarrels than a man of spirit.
Thomas Jefferson


What is with all the earthquakes?

I  do  not  know  what  is  with  all   the  earthquakes?  There  was  one  in  Haiti  and  New  Zealand   and  Japan.  So  just tell  if  you see   earthquake  videos.


My loose tooth!

I  have  a  loose  tooth. My great-grandmother  wiggled  my  tooth.  I  was  so  excited!  It  was  a  great   day.   But it  hasn't  come  out  yet.  I  let  my  babu  wiggle  my  tooth. I  let   my  mommy  wiggle  my tooth.  I  let  my  daddy  wiggle  my  tooth.   And  when  my  mommy  wiggled  my tooth, she  almost  cried.


I love my big brother Robin

I  have  a  big  brother, and  his  name  is  Robin. He  is  very good  to  me  and  I  love  him.   I  hope  he  will   come  to  visit  this year. 


why do I like to cook

I  like  to  cook  but  why?   1.because it  is  fun  2.  I  like  to  do  it  with   my  mom  and  dad  3.  it  is  cool  4.  I  like our  food   that  we  mix  up  5.  we  have  good  foods


Why do I love Mommy and Daddy?

    wedding  day

why I  love  mommy:   it's  because I  have  fun!  with  her.  she  is fun  and  daddy  is fun.  I like         doing   yardwork  with daddy.


Magic Tree House

I  like  the  Magic  Tree  House  books.  I  have a Research  Guide, Mummies  and  Pyramids,  that  goes  with  Mummies  in  the  Morning #3  .  I also  have  Midnight  on  the  Moon #8,   High  Tide  in  Hawaii #28,    and  Dinosaurs  Before  Dark #1.  I  also  have  a  whole  bunch  of  Library  books.    

I   like the   Magic Tree House books     because of   Jack  and Annie, the  characters  in  the  books.

This is a  picture  of  me  reading  Dr. Seuss  to  my sister.


I love her

Hi  here  is  me,  Charlotte  Stuart-Tilley!  I  Like Cyndi  Lauper. I am a  fan of   her  and  I  love her.