Magic Tree House

I  like  the  Magic  Tree  House  books.  I  have a Research  Guide, Mummies  and  Pyramids,  that  goes  with  Mummies  in  the  Morning #3  .  I also  have  Midnight  on  the  Moon #8,   High  Tide  in  Hawaii #28,    and  Dinosaurs  Before  Dark #1.  I  also  have  a  whole  bunch  of  Library  books.    

I   like the   Magic Tree House books     because of   Jack  and Annie, the  characters  in  the  books.

This is a  picture  of  me  reading  Dr. Seuss  to  my sister.


  1. Hello Charlotte!
    You are such a wonderful big sister to read to Josephine! I also love to read and I still remember some of my favorite books from when I was younger. I loved the Frog and Toad series and the adventures of Madeline. Reading is so much fun and allows us to travel to exciting places and meet all different types of characters without leaving the comfort of our couches!
    Lots of love to you,

  2. Thank you Jenn. It was a nice time spending time with you at the Capitol.